Brad Cummins

About Brad

Brad Cummins practices in the areas of real estate, formation of business entities, estate and gift planning, probate, commercial contracts, and preventative law. Brad has a broad range of experience in law, finance, accounting, and management. This experience enables him to find optimum solutions to problems and analyze opportunities from a broad perspective. This experience also contributes to his ability to develop sound strategies for achieving business objectives.

Brad has more than 30 years of experience in representing buyers and sellers, developers and owners associations, landlords and tenants, lenders and borrowers, builders and consumers, and investors in real estate from all sides of the negotiation table. Brad believes that that his seasoned and well-rounded experience not only adds depth, breadth and perspective in what he offers to his clients, but also enables him to quickly identify financial, business and legal needs for clients, and to craft effective solutions through customized agreements.

Brad is honored to continue to represent several clients for three decades, guiding them in years of growth and protecting them in times of recession. Much of Brad's experience comes from collaborating and planning with clients on transactions, commencing with an idea, evaluating its feasibility, weighing alternatives, balancing priorities, establishing goals and benchmarks, assessing risks and potential liabilities, giving transactions shape through appropriate and protective agreements, and seeing projects through to successful completion. Typically, these efforts cross disciplines, bringing together the fields of law and accounting.

Many of Brad's clients have hired him to unravel problems that might have been avoided had they first consulted with counsel. While Brad has a proven track record of unraveling problems, Brad takes even greater joy in taking a proactive stance in assisting clients in preventative law measures to avoid the legal problems in the first place. Unfortunately, our society is a litigious one. Running a business is filled with dangers and risks of a legal nature, many of which can be avoided or mitigated before they arise by taking steps to identify potential risks in advance, and by properly planning for containment. To further that end, Brad also provides prompt field assistance to entities and business owners, managers, boards of directors, employees, and real estate brokers on contractual and risk management issues.

In addition to transactional work, Brad prepares wills, trust agreements, and all documents necessary to address powers of attorney for health care, powers of attorney for financial matters, choices in directing physicians in end of life decisions and simple guardianships.

Brad considers it to be his responsibility, and the duty of every attorney with whom he works, to keep our clients' hopes, dreams, plans, and needs for protection in our thoughts as we continue daily efforts to keep abreast of changes in the law and best business practices. It is our obligation to seek justice in our work, and to find opportunities for agreement, peace, and reconciliation.


State Bar of Texas

  • Real Estate, Probate & Trust Section Member
  • Corporation, Banking & Business Law Section Member

Texas Bar Foundation

  • Fellow

The Real Estate Council of Austin